Monday, 4 October 2010

Y13 Media Video Production

Media Music Project:
For my project I have to create an entertaining music video. Here are some ideas I have came up with for it:
I chose to design a video to dance music, the song I chose was David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland-When Love Takes Over.

Rachel Burns(myself), Joss Maguire, Sophie Little and Natasha Rutherford are going to be working in a group to create a music video.
We have came up with these possible locations:
* A cafe
* South Shields-the skate park, beach, grassed or idyllic areas
* The Green
* Newcastle centre and Newcastle Airport
* A metro station

Storyline to the video:
A couple are loved up but her boyfriend tells her he has to move abroad, she is heartbroken and decides to let him go until her friend persuades her to go after him. She gets a taxi to the airport to chase after him but the audience are left wondering whether she has caught him or if they are separated forever.
This will be filmed to When Love Takes Over - David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland

The jobs we have all been assigned:
* Rachel(myself)- Location and Continuity
* Sophie- Storyboard, editing
* Joss- actor and director
* Natasha- costume, make up, props and filming

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