Monday, 28 September 2009

Media- I had to design a magazine cover and contents page which was for school. I had to change the text size down the left of my magazine cover as it was too big. It went from a size 24 font to 16 font. The font on my new magazine is now smaller.

I took some pictures of Y7 pupils and chose which one of them I wanted to use on my front cover. After I chose the person I wanted on my front cover, I had to crop it and cut out the background. Once I changed the picture to the way I wanted, I copied it onto the background.

After I had copied the picture, I added the text to the cover. I used the font Roxwell Condensed for all my writing. On the writing down the left I embossed, used contour and also used outer glow to make it stand out. For the headline, I made it bigger and made it bold.

For the school logo, I used the effects part and used the effect called mosaic. I did this so people knew what the school paper represented. The Heworth welcomes the new Y7s was placed against a cream background to make it standout.

The picture of the boy on the front was chose because he is smiling at the camera and it looks like he is inviting people to read the magazine.
For my contents page I had to change the background to light purple and added the contents writing to it. I added the outer glow to the writing and edited it to make it look like there was diamonds around it.
I chose to make the contents page feminine as the magazine cover was aimed more at males than females. All of the pictures I took had the models looking at the camera, inviting the reader to read on.