Monday, 22 November 2010


After considering our options, Natasha Rutherford and I have decided to split from the rest of the group and do a short film. We have decided to do this as we think we will benefit more from doing this.

The story:
The story is about a young woman who has a row with her boyfriend so she storms off, as she is walking home, she gets hit by a car and is left in a life or death situation because the drunk driver leaves her as she is scared of losing her license. The film shows the girl fighting for her life at the road side recollecting how she has been left in this situation and how she desperately trying to get help. The scenes that go backwards show the driver drinking in a local pub then she gets into her car with her friend. They are driving when the driver hits the girl. The driver’s friend tells her to get out of the car and help the victim but she doesn’t want to as she thinks she’ll lose her license and that the victim won’t survive. Her friend fails to convince the driver that the victim is seriously hurt, so they drive on leaving the injured person to fight for their life.

We have decided to keep the locations to our film local as we feel there are many places within our area that will benefit our short film. The locations we have decided to include in our film are: The Sutherlands pub, the Windy Nook Nature Park, a house, a roadside and a car.

We decided to start filming part of our trailer, the part we chose to film first was when the girl and her boyfriend split up and she walks off. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we have been unable to film this anymore scenes this week so we will have to presume filming as soon as possible.