Friday, 11 December 2009

Media music magazine- development stages

For my music article I decided to make it untypical of music magazines by using a female model in all of the pictures. On all of the pictures the model is in an invitational pose where she is looking at the camera, inviting the reader to read on. This makes the audience wider as it doesn't just appeal to women but also men.
These are some images I had to chose between and edit for my magazine.
This image I chose as one of my article photos as she is staring directly into the camera inviting the audience to read the article and find out about her.

Other images:
This image I chose to edit and apply a pink background to so it appeals to my feminie target audience. The model is in a an inviting pose making the reader feel like they are part of the magazine.
This picture I had to edit before later deciding to use it as my front cover picture. The model is stood in an inviting pose,is wearing a blazer and she is looking out to the audience inviting them to read more.

Friday, 4 December 2009

My contents page uses the same colours as NME for the hooks about what to expect within the magazine. I chose the red and black colours to symbolise the rock part of my magazine. I have chose to add a block colour in the top right hand corner of my magazine as it adds effect and emphasises the genre of my magazine by again using the colours red and black. I have used the same title that appears on my title page to allow the reader to know it's a statement of the Raw music magazine.

I have removed ultimate indie rock from the contents page as it looked cluttered. I added an editors letter so the page looked more realistic . I also changed the format of the writing on the contents page so it looked more like one you would find in Q or NME. I have used a picture of a model in an invitational pose as it appeals to my target audience.
The blue bar at the bottom of the contents page uses a competition to broaden the audience. On the editors letter I have included a font to make the signature look real.