Monday, 7 February 2011

3rd February

We attempted to get the end scene of our short film done today but the poor weather conditions didn't allow us to get the scene the way we wanted. We did manage to get a few shootings of the end scene but the hit and run scene that we thought was good failed to meet our expectations as when we were looking back at what we had filmed, we realised there was a cyclist in the background and as he cycled straight past the 'victim'. We thought it would look unrealistic to use this filming as you would expect a passer by to help someone when they are badly injured therefore we have planned to re-shoot this certain part.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

filming 29.01.11

We started filming the scene where the boyfriend becomes concerned about the well-being of his girlfriend so he decides to ring her. We filmed him looking at the clock part way through the scene so that it showed the struggle his girlfriend had to live before she might die. After uploading these scenes to iMovie however, we realised that the lighting on part of the scene was to dark so we have decided to re-shoot that part as we feel it will benefit our overall filming more than just trying to re-adjust the lighting by the tools available in iMovie.