Friday, 7 May 2010

My Final designs

After making a questionnaire and receiving the thoughts of what people would like to see in a music magazine, I had to draw sketches of what my magazine cover, contents page and article to see what they would look like.

My magazine cover:
For my cover I decided to use a female model, breaking the typical conventions of Q and NME which tend to use male models. The format however follows that of Q as it has a model in the middle of the magazine with the text arranged around her. The model is in an invitational pose, inviting the reader to look at or even buy the magazine. The purple title across the top of the magazine is a stereotypically feminine colour attracting a female audience. The bold headings are also used for this purpose.

My contents page:
The contents page uses colours asocciated with both sexes broadening the target audience. The colour scheme of the text is red and black which gives the magazine a sense of edginess. The shot of the model is a close up, attracting the target audience to her face as the emphasis is on it. The caption at the bottom of the page stating 'three months free subscription' catches the audience's attention as it is in a brighter colour than the rest of the contents page. The editor's letter on the page gives the magazine a realistic look as Q also features this.

The magazine article:
My magazine article breaks conventions of typical music magazines as the format of it doesn't follow that of most magazines. The magazine follows the typical question and answer format seen in most magazines but due to having pictures all down the right hand side of the article, it breaks conventions. The model is seen in an invitational pose againg inviting the audience to read and find out why she is featuring in the magazine.