Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Analysis of Music Videos

Music video analysis of the number of shots and locations included in certain videos.
Cheryl Cole-Promise:

After analysing this video I found that there were 158 shots in her 3 minutes and 36 seconds video, they were all at a variety of heights, positions, angles and speeds. There were also a number of transitions within the video. with one of my responsibilities in the group being the location setter, I took note of the muber of them in a variety of videos. This particular Cheryl Cole one had locations in: a room, on a balcony, in the woodlands outside and on the ground outside. This particular video had a lot of close up of the artist as the record company see her as a big demand. The lyrics also complement the video.

The second video I analysed was Labrinth-Let The Sun Shine In this video the locations were: in an arcade scene, ouside in the rain, indoors with spotlights on the singer, the singer dancing infront of a striped background, indoors with speakers behind the singer, in a basement, outside with a graphically moving background. This particular video had 7 different locations each matching and complementing the song.This particular video has its own music style and iconography.

The next video I analysed for locations was Taio Cruz-Dynamite
In this video the locations were: An area outside near a garage, in the back of a limosine and in a room with little lighting.

I also analysed The Script's video which is called For The First Time.
The locations in this video were: in a house, in the streets of New York, in an area with trees, on the riverbanks of New York, in a darkened room with the artist playing.

Another video I analysed for locations was Roll Deep-Green Light
The locations within this video were: in the streets, in a room with the artist in a car and the dancers around him, in a room with a tiled background that has traffic lights in it complementing the song.

All these videos provided my group and me with ideas of locations that were local and easy to access for filming our music video.

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