Friday, 6 May 2011


I had to design a storyboard for my short film to get an idea iof the types of shots that I wanted to include in my film and so that I could make ammendments before I actually began to act it out for the filming. I also had to due this after writing my script to make sure that what I had written would look good with the shots and footage I'd later be shooting. Many people do this in the professional industry to get an idea of how their films will look before they begin shooting them.

The storyboard starts with the title card which is a picture of the film logo, this is a close-up. There is then a fade to black transition to the first picture of the short film. This picture is a medium-close up of Rachel (the victim. The picture has been edited so that it is black and white. I chose to add this effect at it helps to signal that there is a passage of time and makes the start of the film look effective. Each of the first five photos also have a fade to black transition to make them look dated and old and to create suspense in between each of them being shown. The other three photos have also been edited so that they are black and white. The second photo is of Rachel lying on the ground, it is a medium close up shot. I chose to add a sci-fi ambience piece of non-diegetic music as it makes the scene look more effective and creates suspense as to what will happen next in the film. The third shot is a high angled shot of Rachel which shows how vulnerable she was in the final hours leading up to her death. There is then a fade to black transition again which links to the next photo. The next photo is a close up of Rachel which shows the damage the accident caused to her and crucially signals to the sudience that Rachel is now dead.

There is a fade to black transition which I put in to contrast the lifelessness Rachel had in the previous scene to the dynamic scenes of her and Connor (her boyfriend) arguing in this scene. This is the first photo which starts the flashbacks of Rachel's life leading up to he death. There is then a cut to a medium shot of Natasha and Rachael Gillis socialising in the pub and talking about their plans for the night ahead. As the girls are in pub, we asked for there to be non-diegetic music in the background. The next scene shows Rachel being so annoyed at Connor that she storms off. This shot is a medium long shot and the camera pans as she walks past Connor's house. A cut is made again to show a medium long shot of Tasha and Rachael talking and Rachael suggesting to Tasha that she has had too much to drink.

The third part of my storyboard begins with a long shot of Rachel walking up a path through the nature park. The next medium shot shows Natasha and Rachael singing in the car. I put non-diegetic music in the background whilst they again talk about how much drink Natasha has had. The crucial shot in the storyboard is a medium shot of Rachel being hit by Natasha driving her car. I chose to add add a slow transition to this scene to make it more effective and emphasise the force Natasha hit Rachel with in the car. There isn't any music in this scene, just diegetic music so that the audience can hear the collison between Rachel's body and the car. A quick cut is made to a medium shot of Rachel crawling away from the hit and run spot and to the safety of the road-side. This shot has had a slow transition added to it so that the audience can see how much the victim is struggling to get to safety. I have also added a fade to black transition to the next part of the scene to show that Rachel has managed to perch herself against a rock close to the radside, but she still remains at harms way.

The first shot in this scene is a medium shot of Rachel crawling away from the rock and desperately trying to get to a comfortable place. After this, there is another medium shot of Rachel lying on the grass looking up, desperately attempting to remain concious. I chose to add a point of view shot by Rachel looking up at the sky. This shows that Rachel is loosing conciousness and also shows that she is looking at the sky. There is a medium shot of Racheel lying on the ground while her phone is out of her reach and ringing, as she is unconcious nearly, it shows how much of a struggle she is finding moving to answer it. The music in the background is non-diegetic as you can hear the ringtone from the phone ringing.

There is a cut to a close-up off the phone then another quick cut to a close-up of Rachel's arm and the blood that is trickling down it. A medium close-up is shown of the girl lying dead now in the middle of nowhere. There is a really quick cut to a long shot of Jordan who is a pedestrain walking his dog in the field that Rachel is lying in. The next scene is a medium shot of the dog running up to Rachel.

Shortly after this, Jordan is captured in a medium shot shaking Rachel, frantically trying to see if she is alive or not. There is then a fade to black transition which shows the reaction on Jordan's face. The end part of my short film has a fade to black transition on it, which allows the end on the film to roll into te credits.

The credits are on a black background and each show the actresses and actors name and there is also a scrren card which shows our film company 'HG Productions'.

These are my front cover and film review designs:

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