Monday, 13 December 2010

Filming 13.12.10

Today we decided to film the car scene in our trailer as the weather has improved. Natasha Rutherford played the driver of the car and Rachel Gillis was playing the passenger. They were sitting in the car driving along and talking when Natasha hits a female pedestrian.
The script to this scene is:
Natasha: I feel slightly tipsy
Rachel: well do you really think you should be driving
Natasha: Yeah i'll be okay I only had three vodkas man
Rachel:turn this song up Tasha
Natasha: Aww I love this song
Rachel: I know me too
Natasha: I can't wait for town tonight

This scene happens just before Natasha hits the pedestrian and the victim is dying and having flashbacks of what's happened. There is a variety of shots in the sequence, most of them being close-ups as we filmed from inside the car. There is also a long shot of the car which creates suspense as the registration plate is framed within the shot so the audience are left wondering if the victim has remembered it as she is having flash backs.

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